ABC Cancels ‘Downward Dog’

(Photo Courtesy: ABC)
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Sad news, Downward Dog fans, the new comedy from ABC has officially been canceled.

Series creator Samm Hodges announced the news on Twitter on Friday (June 23) by posting a statement from both him and his Downward Dog co-creator, Michael Killen.

“Got the very surprising news today that ABC is not moving forward with Downward Dog,” Hodges wrote on Twitter. “They loved it creatively and really wanted to make more but couldn’t find a financial path to do so.”

The creator and writer, who is also the voice of the Martin (aka the dog on Downward Dog), revealed that this news was not an annoying PR statement, but sadly just the hard truth. That being said the show’s creators aren’t giving up hope of Downward Dog finding another home.

“Obviously this is a hard moment, but we’re not done. The crazy amazing love you the fans have shown for DD combined with the critical response makes us confident that there is a future and we are committed to finding a new home,” he continued. “Watch and show the world how much you care! Thanks for your love and support.”

The show’s leading lady, Allison Tolman, who plays Nan, also tweeted about the unfortunate cancelation. “To all #downwarddog fans, simply put- we wouldn’t be us without you. Thanks for getting us. Bark bark,” Tolman wrote.

On a positive note, ABC is airing the remaining two episodes of the series, this week, at its regular time, so you can still watch the comedy as it was intended to be seen in its first season.

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Downward Dog’s last two episodes will air on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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