Stephen Amell Reveals What Sets ‘Code 8’ Apart From Other Movies About Superpowers

(Photo by Phillip Chin/Getty Images)
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The more we hear about Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell’s upcoming film Code 8, the more excited we get. The latest piece of news is all about its superhero makeup and it sounds very refreshing.

During an interview with Canadian radio show Outta the Park with Barry Davis, Stephen Amell talked all about the premise of the sci-fi thriller. He pointed out that there are two things that set the film apart from other hero flicks, and he’s very proud of both.

“The basic premise is that it takes place in a fictional city called Lincoln City where four percent of the population are born with special abilities,” Amell told the radio show’s host, Barry Davis. “I know that people always say this when they’re doing any superhero or sci-fi genre, but we did try to keep it as grounded as possible.”

In addition to being grounded, the Arrow actor explained that the powers the “supers” have aren’t totally outrageous, like other hero movies.

“None of the powers are so outlandish that they’re not at the very least conceivable, but the main thing is that because it’s only four percent of the population that are born with these powers, the other 96 percent of the population are trying to keep them down,” he added.

Based on this description and the constant updates from both Amell cousins, including the fact that the story will NOT pick up where the short film left off, we are SO on board for this new film.

Plus, since the Arrow star and his superhero cousin, The Flash alum Robbie Amell, are both in the film, you know it’s going to be good.

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