The First ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Trailer Shows The Bellas Gearing Up For An Aca-Finish

(Photo Courtesy: Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer/Universal)
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From the moment we watched Pitch Perfect 2 back in 2015, we’ve been counting down the days until the third installment of the aca-awesome franchise would hit, and now the trailer is finally here for Pitch Perfect 3. Spoiler alert: it’s amazing.

On Saturday (June 24), Universal Pictures released the official trailer for Pitch Perfect 3, and to say the Bellas have their work cutout for them is an understatement.

The trailer begins with Gail (Elizabeth Banks) and John (John Michael Higgins) following Anna Kendrick’s character, Beca, as she goes to work. Yes, all of the Bellas are in the real world — and none of them are exactly excelling at their careers.

Flo (Chrissie Fit) is working at a smoothie stand in NYC, Chloe (Brittany Snow) is trying to get into veterinary school, and Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), well, she’s as good as a celebrity impersonator now.



“I quit my job,” Beca tells Fat Amy, who is apparently her roommate, which we love. “You got fired?” she replied. “No I quit, it’s fine,” Beca says kicking off the teaser.

Since the former a cappella singers clearly can’t deal with the real world, Aubrey (Anna Camp) suggests they get the group back together and sing as a part of the USO tour. While this sounds like a great plan, all of the rest of the acts use instruments, including their new rivals, led by Calamity (played by Ruby Rose), and ya, they aren’t impressed by the Bellas.

“Are you sure about this?” Beca later asks Fat Amy as the two stand on the side of a building. “Have I ever let you down?” the blonde beauty asks. “All the time. You’re very unreliable, it’s like one of the hallmarks of your personality,” Beca replies. “You’re not remembering all of the times I’ve been awesome,” Fat Amy says.

This banter is exactly what we were hoping for from our favorite a cappella singers. The rest of the teaser shows explosions, awesome costumes, world travels, girls falling out of planes, and of course the ladies singing, and wow, it’s going to be a wild ride.

“Let’s aca-finish this!” Aubrey says before the trailer ends, and we are SO ready to see this film, like right now.

Pitch Perfect 3 hits theaters on December 22, 2017.

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