‘Pretty Little Liars’ Boss Says Last Episode Feels Like A Premiere And A Finale

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)
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To some people today is just another Tuesday, but to Pretty Little Liars fans, it’s the end of an era! Today marks the series finale of PLL and according to the show’s boss, it’s more than just an episode… it’s a combination of a premiere and a finale.

Ahead of the season 7 finale and the end of PLL as a whole, the show’s creator I. Marlene King sat down with E! News  and teased what’s to come on tonight’s (June 27) two-hour episode. The biggest thing we learned is that this episode is much bigger than any other one we’ve seen so far.

“It is structured in a way that you could sit in a movie theater and watch it,” King told E! News about this week’s big ending. “It feels like a big, bold movie.”

Instead of a one-hour cliffhanger, which we’ve come accustomed to from the Freeform drama, this week we’ll see an evolution of pretty much the whole season within one episode. What could be better?

“Most of our finales answer some questions but leave you with questions, and that launches into our next premiere. But I feel like this is the reverse,” King explained. “It feels like the first part of it is a premiere, and the last half is a final finale. So, it feels like a premiere and a finale all in one.”

King revealed that there will be twists and turns (obviously) throughout the finale, mixed with highs and lows from the Liars and their loved ones, and of course the final reveal of Uber A (or AD). The good news is that even though the Rosewood crew will be signing off, King is open to reviving the Liars’ world in the future, so prepare yourself.

“[The finale is] definitely a complete end to the show, but that said, I’ve always said if the opportunity would arise, years from now, there’s always a way to reinvent this world,” she added.

Even if it’s way off in the future, the possibility of more Pretty Little Liars is SO awesome, and we already can’t wait to see what that world looks like, assuming we don’t pass out from suspense during tonight’s finale!

Pretty Little Liars series finale airs Tuesday, June 27, 2017 (today) at 8 p.m. on Freeform.

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