Shay Mitchell Has The Perfect ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Movie Idea — Would You Watch?

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)
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Pretty Little Liars may be a wrap, but it turns out there’s still a possibility we could get more of our favorite Liars somewhere down the line!

When People’s Choice caught up with Shay Mitchell just before People’s Choice Awards in January 2016, the actress revealed that she’d totally be down to reprise her role as Emily in a Pretty Little Liars movie. Mitchell even has the perfect idea with regards to what the premise of the movie could be!

“I think it would be fun if all of us girls were like, ‘Lets go to Europe and shoot it.’ We could be chased by somebody there,” explained Mitchell. “We’ll have to see if it happens, but I would be a big fan of traveling somewhere to shoot.”

An epic European adventure with Hanna (Ashely Benson), Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Emily (Mitchell), and Alison (Sasha Pieterse)? Sign us up— we are officially sold! (Are you? Take our poll below to let us know if you’d watch a PLL movie!)



Though there are currently no plans to move forward with a Pretty Little Liars movie, Mitchell’s thoughts line up perfectly with those of series creator Marlene King.

Back in November 2015, King revealed that she’s “got some really big ideas for a great movie.” That being said, King also made it clear to fans that she’d want to wait a while after the finale took place before seriously pursuing the idea of a PLL movie.

The fact that Mitchell and King are both interested in potentially revisiting our favorite PLL girls somewhere down the line is definitely giving us hope that the series finale might leave things open ended for more stories in the future!

The Pretty Little Liars finale airs June 27 on Freeform.

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