Steve Carell Talks About The Future Of The ‘Despicable Me’ Franchise

(Photo Courtesy: Illumination Films)
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Fans of Despicable Me won’t have to worry about Lucy and Gru going anywhere if actor Steve Carell has anything to say about it.

Carell and co-star Kristen Wiig, who voice Gru and Lucy, respectively, in the fun animated flicks, recently revealed in an interview with Yahoo Movies that they’re both interested in continuing on with the Despicable Me franchise.

For Carell’s part, the actor says he loves coming back to lend his voice to the lovable baddie turned good guy because of the positive tone of the family films.

“I would love to [carry on making them], they’re so much fun. They’re little pieces of positive energy that are put out in the world,” explained Carell. “Inn all honesty, that’s what’s special about the to me. They’re fun, they’re silly there’s no axe to grind, they’re free of cynicism, and that’s rare.”

Carell even joked that the only thing that could possibly stop him and his co-star from voicing Gru and Lucy forever is the fact that at some point, their voices might give out due to old age!

It’s great to hear that despite being three movies in, Carell is still having just as much fun voicing Gru as he did when the first Despicable Me film hit theaters in 2010.

There’s no telling how much longer the series will go on, but given the success of the past few films, we won’t be surprised if Despicable Me 3 performs well enough at the box office to merit a fourth movie!

Despicable Me 3 hits theaters on June 30.

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