‘Once Upon a Time’ Boss Reveals First Season 7 Premiere Title

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With Once Upon a Time bidding farewell to a number of big stars at the end of season 6, fans are undoubtedly very curious about how the ABC drama will move forward when it returns this fall. Now, we have our first clue about the upcoming season, and we can’t help but try and speculate what it means.

On Wednesday (June 28), OUAT co-creator Adam Horowitz posted the cover page of the season 7 premiere script.



“Here’s the first #OnceUponATime #titlespoiler of season 7 — hope to see ya this fall!” Horowitz wrote alongside a picture of season 7’s first script.

As you can see, the title of the first episode of season 7 is “Hyperion Heights,” which doesn’t give fans much to go on, but it does get our creative minds flowing. Now, what could the title mean?

While the first episode of the entire series was simply dubbed “Pilot,” it did tell the story of Emma Swan’s past — aka the Enchanted Forest background — and introduced us to the city of Storybrooke. Now that season 7 will focus on adult Henry Mills (played by Andrew J. West) and his modern reality, maybe the first episode title is a clue to his location.

During the season 6 finale, we saw a young girl, Lucy, in both what appeared to be the Enchanted Forest and then at the doorstep of her father (Henry) in Seattle. So, perhaps Hyperion Heights is the new Storybrooke, aka the new location where everything is going to happen.

Or better yet, maybe it is the name of Henry’s first mission. We all know that Henry loved to name his missions as a child, including Operation Cobra, Operation Mongoose, and of course, Operation Best Man. Operation Hyperion Heights has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

What do you think the episode title means?

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Once Upon a Time will move to Fridays at 8 p.m. on ABC when it returns this fall.

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