‘Pretty Little Liars’ Boss Confirms Spinoff Talks Are Underway

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)
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In today’s TV world, a show is never really over thanks to revivals, follow-up movies, and of course spinoffs. Luckily, Pretty Little Liars is no exception, and a spinoff is becoming a real possibility.

On Tuesday (June 29), fans said goodbye to the Liars after watching the two-hour series finale, and it was a serious rollercoaster. In addition to finally revealing AD, the episode capped off with a major teaser of what some have already dubbed a starting point for a spinoff. The good news is that PLL creator I. Marlene King confirmed to TVLine that a spinoff is definitely being talked about!

“It’s a real conversation that is happening, but it doesn’t have a definitive answer yet,” King told TVLine‘s Andy Swift when asked whether she’s actually in talks for a spinoff.



Unlike PLL’s Ravenswood spinoff, the series finale set up a bit of a nostalgic cliffhanger. [If you haven’t watched the finale yet, stop reading!] The final scene from this week’s series closer showed four Rosewood High School girls having a sleepover in a guest house on a stormy-looking night. Sound familiar? As they all started to wake up, one of the girls walked up from outside and reveled that Addison (aka the new Alison) was gone, and all she knows is there was a scream. Talk about deja vu and the perfect start to a new series!

Although King didn’t spill any details about whether or not the spinoff she’s discussing would actually pickup where PLL left off — aka back in Rosewood with a new group of Liars — she did tease that another story isn’t over… or at least she hopes not.

After TVLine asked how long Mona could keep Alex and Mary Drake in her dollhouse (her creepy, creepy dollhouse), King hinted that story may not be over yet.

“Not forever,” King explained laughing. “We may hear more of that story in the future, fingers crossed.”

Fingers crossed we do get more from the Pretty Little Liars world, as either a spinoff, revival, or even a movie.

Read the rest of Marlene King’s interview over at TVLine.

What would you like to see in a PLL spinoff? Do you want more from the original Liars someday?

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