New ‘Once Upon A Time’ Tease Reveals Where The Series Will Pick Up In Season 7

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It might be summer, but that doesn’t mean that fall TV isn’t on our minds. In fact, we are counting down the days until our favorite fall shows pickup, and one of the series we’re most eager to have back on our screens is Once Upon a Time. With the show set for a major reboot in season 7, fans are eager to not only know how the series will pick back up — but also where. Luckily, we finally have some confirmation on the latter.

On Saturday (1), Once Upon a Time co-creator Adam Horowitz dropped a big tease about the upcoming season, and it reveals exactly where the fairytale drama will pick back up in season 7.


Here's a summer #onceuponatime #scripttease — that's all for now…! Lotsa work to do!

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“Here’s a summer #onceuponatime #scripttease — that’s all for now…! Lotsa work to do!” Horowitz wrote on Instagram alongside a tiny piece of the first page from the season 7, episode 1 script.

Horowitz’ script tease reveals that Act One will start on Main Street in Storybrooke during the morning. This is definitely good news, but totally unexpected. With all the changes that we saw in the season 6 finale — including the Charmings leaving OUAT and Henry Mills (Andrew J. West) living in Seattle years after his life in Storybrooke seemed to end — we thought times might be totally changing.

That theory was further fueled after Howoritz revealed last week that the season 7 premiere will be titled “Hyperion Heights,” which we speculated could be the name of the town where the show will now be set. However, this script tease confirms that OUAT will indeed be returning to Storybrooke next season — even if it’s just for one scene or an episode.

Either way, fans should know more soon as Horowitz has confirmed that filming for the season 7 revamp is about to begin. On Tuesday (July 5), the co-creator behind the magical, fairytale world, posted a photo from an airplane in route to Canada, which is where the ABC series films.

“Alright #onceuponatime season 7, let’s do this! And apparently Air Canada flies through the Grid from TRON. Hope we don’t encounter any recognizers! #TronJokes,” he wrote.

Season 7, here we come!

Once Upon a Time returns for its seventh season on October 6, 2017 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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