Sabrina Carpenter Reveals The Real Meaning Behind New Song ‘Why’

(Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for iHeart)
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Sabrina Carpenter’s newest single, “Why,” is officially here, and it’s SO good!

After teasing the release of “Why” on social media, Carpenter dropped the single earlier today. While the lyrics could be interpreted in a number of different ways, the singer herself revealed the real meaning during an interview with Music Choice earlier this week, and her explanation will make you appreciate the tune even more.

“‘Why’ is a song that I’m very excited about,” Carpenter told Music Choice when asked about her new track. “I wrote the song a few months back and the first line that started the song is ‘You like New York City in the daytime, I like New York City in the nighttime’ and once we found that line we started going off on finding these little things that make us different from each other but they’re not deal breakers.”

According to Carpenter, the song points out differences between people (like the star-crossed lovers in Carpenter’s teaser posts on Instagram) with lines like, “You like the light coming through he windows, I sleep late, so I just keep ‘em all closed.” Sounds like real life, right?

“You know, we have differences with people but it doesn’t mean we can’t get along, it doesn’t mean that the differences have to tear us apart and we can use them to keep us together and to make us stronger,” she continued.

This song is definitely relatable, and it doesn’t hurt that the beat is funky and fun. In fact, we might’ve just found our new summer anthem!

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