Stephen Amell Says Teaming Up With Cousin Robbie For ‘Code 8’ Has Been ‘Special’

(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)
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What’s not to love about the Amell cousins? Not only are the two amazing actors, but the TV superheroes also share a great repertoire off-screen.

With their crowd-funded feature film Code 8 officially underway, Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell opened up about working together for the first time during a Q&A with a number of fans-turned-extras on set. During the chat, Robbie revealed that although he and Stephen grew up together, they didn’t really have a desire work with one another until they both wound up in Hollywood.

“I’m sure we played video games, and pretended to be superheroes, but it was never like, oh, it’d be cool if we did a movie together one day,” Robbie said about working with his cousin, in a fan uploaded video, which was later shared by the official Code 8 account on Twitter. “Pretty much as soon as we were both in LA, both being actors, it was like ‘oh, it’d be cool to work together.’ ”

The duos dream of working together is coming true thanks to their involvement in the sci-fi film, Code 8. According to Stephen, getting to share the screen with his cousin has been rewarding.

“To do it like this, to do it in grand fashion, has been special,” the 36-year-old actor said. “Technically it’s not the first time we worked together… ” he added before Robbie piped in saying, “No it is.” Stephen laughed and replied, “but it is.”

Technically, they are both right, because the two have worked together in the past (they both appeared on an episode of The Flash, though they didn’t exchange any dialogue), but this is their first movie together, and they are spearheading the whole venture so it’s a BIG deal.

Code 8 will follow Robbie’s character Connor Reed, who is a “special” in a world where only four percent of the population has supernatural abilities. He teams up with Stephen’s unseemly character, Garrett, to make money so that he can pay off his mom’s medical bills.

While there’s no official release date for the movie yet, Stephen recently wrapped filming, so we’re hoping it won’t be much longer before Code 8 hits theaters.

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