Dove Cameron Weighs In On Fan Theory Connecting ‘Descendants’ To ‘Liv & Maddie’

(Disney Channel/Bob D'Amico)
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Fan theories run rampant in the world of TV and movies (just take a look at this one about Sharpay Evans actually being the victim of the High School Musical franchise!), and now, there’s one about Disney’s Descendants that’s got everyone talking.

After a fan shared a theory linking Dove Cameron’s character in Descendants (Mal aka Maleficent’s daughter) to her Disney Channel characters on Liv and Maddie, the actress herself is speaking out on whether or not she thinks its true.

Last week, Twitter user Armando T. pointed out a similarity between Cameron’s Disney characters that seems too important to be just a coincidence, and we’re shocked we didn’t notice it earlier.

“I noticed that #LivandMaddie shortened (LAM) is Mal reversed,” the Twitter fan wrote. “You know Mal being the character which @DoveCameron played in Descendants.”

As for what Cameron thinks about the name theory? She is SO into it.

“I have 1000% thought about this #conspiracy,” Cameron responded on Twitter after reading the fans’ thoughts.

Our minds are blown. Mal is Liv and Maddie combined — and then in reverse. Mal also seems have two sides to her — she has her obvious evil side aka the Isle of Lost side, as well as her Auradon perfect princess side. Of course, her character’s dual personality further strengthens the theory since Liv and Maddie are twins.

What do you think about this theory? Cameron isn’t surprised by it, but are you?

Descendants 2 premieres on July 21, 2017 on Disney Channel, Disney XD, ABC, Lifetime and Freeform.

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