Harry Styles Reveals What His One Direction Bandmates Think Of His ‘Dunkirk’ Debut

(Photo: Terence Patrick/CBS)
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Harry Styles is all set to make his big screen acting debut in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, which premieres this month, and we cannot wait to see him in the feature film. But, what about his One Direction bandmates? Are they fans of his latest career move?

During an interview with Billboard, Styles admitted that his former bandmates — including Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne are also big fans of Nolan (whose credits include celebrated movies like Inception and The Dark Knight), and that they’re looking forward to his latest film.

“They are big fans of Chris, too, and I think they’re excited to see it,” Styles told Billboard.

While Styles made a brief appearance in iCarly along with his One Direction bandmates back in 2012, Dunkirk marks his first major acting role. During a Facebook Live interview with IGN, Styles — who is gearing up to embark on his first solo album tour — revealed that Nolan’s involvement was a big part of the reason why he signed on for the drama.

“I think when I first heard that Chris was going to be making this film, I think it just excited me straight away to watch it as a fan,” Styles told IGN‘s Terri Schwartz about why he wanted to take on the role of Alex in the film. “And I think if you’re a fan of movies and a fan of Chris, it’s impossible to not kind of instantly want to be involved in something like that. Now, I just feel alright about being in it.”

Needless to say, we feel “alright” about Styles making the jump to acting as well!

Dunkirk hits theaters on July 21, 2017.

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