Louis Tomlinson Hints Upcoming Solo Album May Feature Song About His Fans

(Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for SiriusXM)
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Louis Tomlinson may have been the last member of One Direction to announce a solo album, but that doesn’t mean there’s any less excitement surrounding his upcoming release. In fact, fans can’t seem to get enough of what the singer has planned (just take a look at his whopping lead in our on-going Pop Star of the Summer poll as proof of his popularity!).

Last week (July 11), Tomlinson took to Twitter to answers questions from fans, and get their input on possible song titles. During the social media exchange,  the English singer was asked to write a song about his connection with his fans, and Tomlinson responded by revealing some big news: He already has!

“Write a song about our relationship like between you and us as the fans and how we all love each other,” a Twitter user requested on Friday.

Tomlinson not only liked the idea, but also he admitted that he’s already on it, and now we can’t wait to hear this upcoming album even more.

“Already done that one 😎,” Tomlinson replied, and it’s music to our ears!

Tomlinson later went on to prove just how much he really does love and appreciate his fans, by giving them a taste of one of the many tracks he is currently working on. On Tuesday (July 11), he shared a clip from the song, “Back to You” and it is SO good.

While “Back to You” isn’t the song he that has written for his fans — or at least he isn’t saying it is right now — it still shows his appreciation for them, because what do the fans want? More Tomlinson, of course! And that’s exactly what they got.

Now all we need is Tomlinson to drop his full solo album (and all of “Back to You”) ASAP!

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