‘Once Upon a Time’ Boss Explains Silence Over Season 7 Spoilers

(ABC/Jack Rowand)
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If you’ve been wondering why the upcoming seventh season of Once Upon a Time is being kept so tightly under wraps, allow showrunner Adam Horowitz to explain. 

While fans have gotten some teasers about what OUAT will look like when it returns as a rebooted version of itself this fall, the scoops about what’s to come have been few and far between. Now, Horowitz is opening up about why that is. Responding to a fan question on Twitter about the lack of information about season 7, Horowitz explained that his reason for keeping things under wraps is actually pretty straightforward: He thinks it’s too early to give any secrets away.

“I’m silent cause it’s July and I don’t wanna spoil things!” wrote Horowitz to a fan wondering about spoilers.

That said, Horowitz, who co-executive produces the show with Edward Kitsis, hasn’t been entirely silent. In addition to sharing photos of the title pages of the first two scripts, he also revealed the names of the new cast members who will be joining the show when it returns.

It’s understandable, however, that fans want to know more. After all, with the departure of series originals, including Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Josh Dallas in season 6, there’s a ton of mystery around how the show is planning to reinvent itself. What we do know is that season 7 will find Captain Hook (Colin O’ Donaghue), Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle), and more teaming up with an adult Henry (played by newcomer Andrew J. West) and his daughter, Lucy, as they embark on an “epic quest.” Meanwhile, Morrison, whose exit was among the toughest for fans, is reportedly willing to come back for an episode in season 7 to tie up Emma Swan’s storyline.

To get more answers, fans are going to have to be very patient. While ABC announced in May that Once Upon a Time will be moving to Fridays when it returns, the network has yet to confirm when that return will be. So consider adding a season 7 premiere date to your list of questions!

This post has been updated to include Robert Carlyle’s name and correct a typo.

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