Which Social Star Is Going To Be The Next Big Singing Sensation?

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Social media is basically a launching pad for stardom, and we’re loving all of the new singers that are coming onto the music scene as a result.

Over the years there have been a LOT of stars that have gotten their start online, including Justin Bieber, who we have YouTube to thank for, and Shawn Mendes, who is a product of the Vine trend. Now, we want to know, which social media star is going to be the next big singing sensation!

Will the next big social media star-turned-singer be a fierce female like Lauren Giraldo, who found fame on Vine, and has already released the single, “Only Lovers?” Or, are you a bigger fan of Ariel Martin, aka Baby Ariel, who started as a lip-sync star on the app Musical.ly, but is now reportedly working on an album herself?



Former Viner and MAGCON boy, Aaron Carpenter has teased he’s working on music in the studio, and Cameron Dallas is already a major fan! There is also Carson Lueders, who started a lot like Bieber, on YouTube and is one of the many aspiring singers who is taking over social media. Others, including Lilly Singh, have yet to announce an official album, but given the success of their one-off music videos, we assume it won’t be long before they’re dominating the charts!

We need your help in deciding who is going to be the next super star singer, who started out on social media! Vote for the social media star you think will be the biggest sensation above, and then hit the comments to tell us why you think they’re bound for fame. Don’t see your favorite in our poll? Make sure to write them in!

Voting closes August 28. 

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