Austin Mahone Reveals The One Thing He Misses Most From His Tour And Fans Will Love It

(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Lord & Taylor)
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Austin Mahone only recently ended his FMPY tour, but he’s already feeling nostalgic about the experience.

Ever since the tour ended in Los Angeles on June 29, Mahone has been sharing snaps from the road and videos of the tour to reminisce. Now, Mahone has revealed the one thing he misses most about the tour, and it’s so sweet.

After fans on Twitter asked the artist what he misses most about his tour, he managed to win over even more fans with his answer. “All of you,” Mahone simply replied. Swoon!


Another fan asked Mahone what his favorite thing about performing in his hometown was, and again we are loving his answer. “🤔@Whataburger,” he said.


These answer are so great, and totally genuine, which makes us love Mahone even more. Now all we need is another tour ASAP, because let’s be honest the more tour dates, the better.

In between his tour and traveling the world, Mahone has been updating his Instagram with glimpses of what it was like touring this time around. He most recently shared a video clip of his fans at his shows.

Oh, and if that’s not enough to keep you happy until Mahone comes to a city near you to perform (here’s hoping he goes back on tour again soon!), this week he gave fans a tease of a track he is editing and mixing right now, and it’s SO good.

Are you excited for new music from Austin Mahone?

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