The Most Popular Song In The World Is…

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A lot of artists are vying to have most popular summer track this year, and it’s always toss up for who has the biggest song of the year, but now we know what the most popular song in the world is… at least when it comes to streaming. So what’s the song you ask? “Despacito!”

On Wednesday (July 19), Universal Music Group revealed that Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” and Justin Bieber’s remix version of the hit has officially become the most-streamed song ever, after accumulating more than 4.6 billion streams since its January release, which is just insane.

“That’s just crazy. So, I’m super happy,” Fonsi said in video shared on Twitter on Wednesday, after hearing the exciting news. “Thank you so much for loving this song. Thank you to my brother Daddy Yankee. Thank you, Justin Bieber for jumping on this remix, and thank you for everyone involved. I love you guys. I’m super happy and I’m very happy god bless you.”

Fonsi’s reaction is pretty much all of us right now, after learning that this track was able to knock out the previous most-streamed song, which was Bieber’s “Sorry” from 2015 (which had 4.38 billion plays), in only six months. It’s SO impressive.

According to Universal Music Group’s report, “Despacito” is currently the number one song in the US, the UK, and Australia, so it’s not a total surprise that people LOVE this tune and are streaming it nonstop.

Now that we know which song is the most popular in the world — streaming wise — make sure to take our poll on which solo pop star will rule summer 2017!

(H/T Billboard)

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