‘Descendants 2’ Director Reveals How Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson Have ‘Grown As Artists’ Since First Movie

(Photos Courtesy Disney Channel)
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Since Descendants premiered in 2015, its stars have matured — and, according to director Kenny Ortega,  so have their performances.

In an interview with People’s Choice earlier this week, Ortega opened up about how the performance’s of the cast of the film — including leading ladies, Dove Cameron (who plays Mal, Maleficent’s daughter) and Sofia Carson (who plays Evie, the Evil Queen’s daughter), have evolved since the original movie.

“Well, none of them have stopped working on the craft or in the industry,” Ortega told us about the break between the first movie and the sequel. “Sofia and Dove have been recording.”

While Carson and Cameron have been the studio working on their music, their male counterparts have continued down the acting path.



“Cameron [Boyce] and Booboo [Stewart] have continued to work in television and film. As [well] as, Dianne Doan and Thomas Doherty. They’re all really serious actors,” Ortega, who also directed the High School Musical franchise, told us.

With one Descendants movie under their belts, Ortega said that the actors were even better equipped for the sequel.

“They take their craft seriously, so they have grown, they’ve grown as artists as their foundations are stronger,” Ortega explained. “They’ve brought more to this experience than they were capable in the first one, because of the investment of a couple of more years of work.”

To see the changes first hand, tune into the Disney Channel, Disney XD, ABC, Freeform or Lifetime on July 21, 2017 at 8 p.m. when Descendants 2 premieres.

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