Jake T. Austin Says ‘Wizards Of Waverly Place’ Revival Is Dependent On Selena Gomez

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Fans have been clamoring for a Wizards of Waverly Place reunion for years, and Jake T. Austin (who played Max Russo) is ready for a comeback.

On Monday (July 20), Austin stopped by 1010 WINS for an interview on “The Trend with Rebecca Granet,” where he explained that a revival of the hit Disney Channel is very much dependent on key cast member: Selena Gomez.

“Let’s do the reunion, let’s do it for the fans!” Austin appealed to Gomez (well, technically the camera) on 1010 WINS The Trend.

Austin, who voices Alex in the upcoming Emoji Movie, said that a greenlight from Gomez would get a potential revival off the ground.

“If there was anyone who were to really have a say in what we were actually going to do, it would be Selena. If she wants it to happen, I think then we’re all in.”

Gomez most recently opened up on the Zach Sang Show about her thoughts on a possible revival, saying that she would consider coming back as an executive producer if Wizards was rebooted. “Oh totally. That’d be cool,” said Gomez, though she hinted she wouldn’t be interested in starring in the show again.

Although this isn’t the answer fans were hoping for, perhaps Austin’s plea for his TV sister’s return will make her think about it a little more seriously. After all, you can’t have the Russo family without Alex Russo (aka Gomez), it just wouldn’t be right.

No matter what happens with the future of Wizards, Austin revealed that it’s a time in his life that he’ll never forget.

“Getting to do that show for so many years with a family that became like my real family, that was probably one of the best experiences for me,” he said.

The Emoji Movie hits theaters on July 28, 2017.

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