‘Timeless’ Boss Reveals The One Storyline Fans Won’t See In Season 2

(Photo Courtesy: NBC)
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Grab your time-traveling gear, because we’ve got some news about NBC’s Timeless, and you don’t have to go back in time to hear it!

On Thursday (July 20), the cast and crew of Timeless took over San Diego Comic-Con, where they teased what’s to come for the show now that it’s officially returning for season 2. (In case you forgot, Timeless was canceled by NBC and then picked back up due to fan outcry earlier this spring.) Amidst all the scoop about where the drama is headed next, however, there was a really interesting tidbit at the panel (which was reported by TV Lineabout the one storyline the series will likely “never” explore — and that’s time-traveling to the future.

“Never say never. But kind of never,” Timeless co-creator Eric Kripke told reporters at Comic-Con via TV Line when asked if the gang would ever travel to the future. “We look at it a lot more as a historical adventure than a science-fiction show, per se. It’s so rare that the future’s done well on TV.”

While traveling to the future would be cool, this show has nailed it when it comes to reimagining iconic moments in history, so we wouldn’t want the formula to change now. Plus, there are so many places for the characters to go in the past, and so little time to tell the stories (there are only 10 episodes in season 2), so the past is what the show should continue to focus on.

During the Comic-Con panel, Kripke also revealed who the Big Bad will be next season, and we’re really intrigued by who it is, because they are related to the lead character, Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer)!

“Lucy’s mom [played by Susanna Thompson] is going to be one of the major Big Bads,” Kripke revealed. In addition to Lucy’s mom being an enemy this season, Rittenhouse will have the travel machine, which is a very, very bad thing, the creators teased.

“And Rittenhouse does have their hands on the time machine. That’s way worse than Garcia having his hands on the time machine. Garcia and the [time] team find themselves facing a common enemy,” Kripke continued, adding it could lead to a “messy, fraught team-up.”

What historical scene do you hope to see the Timeless team travel to in season 2?

Timeless’ second season is set for a midseason premiere sometime in 2018 on NBC.

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