Which ‘Descendants 2’ Character Needs A Spinoff?

(Photos Courtesy Disney Channel)
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Descendants 2 just debuted, but we’re already thinking about where the franchise could go next.

In an interview with People’s Choice, Descendants director Kenny Ortega said that a third movie is a definite possibility (assuming fans want it!), and even pitched some former Disney Channel stars he’d like see join the franchise in the future. As excited as we are for Descendants 3, we can’t help but feel the franchise could be even bigger if some of the existing female characters were given their own stand-alone spinoffs. But which who would you put at the top of the spin-off priority list?



Whether you love Mal (Dove Cameron) and her struggle for independence, or Evie (Sofia Carson) and her passion for fashion, we want to know which of the leading lady you want to see in a spinoff movie. There are a LOT of possibilities, which we are excited about, but the character that would make for the best spinoff is anyone’s game.

We could definitely see Uma (China Anne McClain) competing for the spinoff role. Her character is complex and has a band of minions waiting to follow her. Plus, a movie just about her could explore what life as Ursula’s daughter is really like. (Whoopi Goldberg would obviously have to return!)

Or, perhaps you’d rather a follow-up on one of the guys, like Harry (Thomas Doherty)? Life as Hook’s son could be interesting… very fishy and full of pirate chants. While our poll is focused on the lead actresses, if you’d prefer to see one of the guys get their own movie, feel free to write them in!

Check out our poll above and then let us know who got your vote in the comments!

Descendants 2 aired on July 21, 2017 on Disney Channel, Disney XD, Freeform, ABC, and Lifetime.

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