James Van Der Beek’s ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Confession Is So Surprising

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Dawson’s Creek had its fare share of memorable moments when it was on air, but one episode fans will be hard pressed to forget is the series finale.

As iconic as the episode was, however, there’s one principle cast member that’s never actually seen it, and it’s none other than Dawson Leery himself, James Van Der Beek.

The actor recently sat down for a chat with the Allegedly With Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss podcast where he confessed that he still has no idea where all of our favorite characters from Cape Side ended up.

“I’ve never seen the last episode,” said Van Der Beek. “I remember, I think, how it ended.”

For those of you who might need a bit of a refresher like Van Der Beek, here’s what goes down in a nutshell: The finale (which originally aired on May 14, 2003) finds all of our favorite characters coming together five years into the future.

Dawson’s been living in Los Angeles where he’s producing an autobiographical television series aptly titled The Creek, and Joey (Katie Holmes) is living in New York City with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Pacey (Joshua Jackson) is now the owner of the Ice House. The finale episode reunites the characters, and settles the question of who Joey *really* belongs with by giving her a happy ending with (spoiler alert!) Pacey.

Fans of Dawson’s Creek might remember the finale as if it were yesterday, but Van Der Beek has a good reason as to why his memory is a little fuzzy.

“I’m not as invested in that because it was something that I did, it was not something that I wrote,” explained Van Der Beek. “Honestly, I feel like a passenger in the whole thing…it’s a weird thing to relate to because it’s not so immediate for me.”

Though the finale might not hold as much weight with the actor as it does for viewers who experienced it, we’ll still be forever thankful to James Van Der Beek and the rest of the Dawson’s Creek cast for taking us on such a memorable journey!

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