‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14 Feels ‘Vintage,’ Teases Star

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Grey’s Anatomy is about to take it way back! The ABC drama is gearing up for a fourteenth season that’s apparently going to make long-time viewers of the series incredibly happy.

According to actor Kevin McKidd, who plays Dr. Owen Hunt, season 14 of the hit medical drama starring Ellen Pompeo will be heavy on the old school Grey’s Anatomy vibes.

“It’s fantastic,” wrote McKidd via Twitter when one fan asked what we can expect from this year’s season premiere. “Funny and feels like vintage @GreysABC.”

Vintage Grey’s Anatomy? Sign us up, please! It’s nice to hear that the show could potentially be going back to its roots in terms of tone — especially considering how many of the original actors we’ve had to bid farewell to over the years.

Though McKidd didn’t go into details via Twitter, the reasons Grey’s Anatomy season 14 in particular might be so reminiscent of earlier seasons of Grey’s Anatomy could have something to do with the return of executive producer Krista Vernoff.

On Thursday (July 27), we learned via TVLine that Vernoff, who served as the head writer and executive producer for Grey’s Anatomy from season one through seven, is officially heading back to spearhead season 14.

Vernoff will be taking over showrunner duties from Stacy McKee, who has been tasked with helming Shonda Rhimes’ upcoming firefighter spinoff series. As sad as we’ll be to see McKee go, we can’t deny that we’re excited to have Vernoff back.

We can’t wait to see what Vernoff, who is said to be working closely with Rhimes and her TV partner Betsy Beers, has in store for us this year!

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Grey’s Anatomy returns to ABC with a two-hour premiere on September 28. For the latest pop culture news and voting, make sure to sign up for the People’s Choice newsletter

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