Troian Bellisario Won’t Know How Her ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Role Affected Her For ‘Many Years’

(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)
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Troian Bellisario had seven years to grow close to her character on Pretty Little Liars. Now that the series has wrapped, the actress is doing some reflecting on what the experience was like.

Bellisario recently took to Tumblr to host a fan Q&A via Post It Forward where she answered a question about how much she identifies with the character of Spencer.

Though Bellisario joked that she looks a lot like her on-screen counterpart, she also confessed that it’s hard for her to answer this question in particular because they don’t have much in common as people.

“I would say that in the beginning Spencer and I had a few major things in common, but not a lot more than that,” explained Bellisario “Over the years and over time, my experiences affected her and playing her affected me.”

From the way Bellisario puts it, both Spencer and she have taken little bits and pieces from each other over the years in order to become who they are. Even so, the actress also made an interesting point about the seven year journey she went on with Pretty Little Liars.

“I probably won’t know entirely how [playing Spencer has affected me] for many years,” continued the actress. “It’s still a pretty recent experience in my life.”

Bellisario’s thoughtful answer to the question makes a lot of sense— especially considering that though PLL has come to a close, the experience is still fresh in her mind.

Regardless, we’re hoping Bellisario circles back to the idea of how playing Spencer Hastings has affected her in a few more years because we’d love to see how her response has changed after she’s had some time to process it!

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