‘Raven’s Home’ Welcomes Back Fan Favorite

(Disney Channel/Adam Rose)
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The latest episode of Raven’s Home welcomed a fan favorite character back into the fold — and fans of That’s So Raven are thrilled.

On Friday’s installment of Raven’s Home (July 28), fans were reintroduced to Raven’s (Raven-Symoné) first love, Devon (Jonathan McDaniel). The episode confirmed that Devon is in fact the father of Raven’s twins Nia (Navia Robinson) and Booker (Issac Ryan Brown). During the episode, it’s clear that Raven and Devon continue to have a good relationship as a divorced couple, and that Raven still finds one thing about her ex very likable: his ability to tell the weather forecast.

Yes, that’s right, Devon is now a TV weatherman, and when he stops by Raven’s house he needs a little help. Well, he needs help to tie his tie for a BIG interview, and of course jokes ensue. Everyone’s favorite psychic mom was definitely excited to see how fans felt about Devon’s return, so she took to Twitter to ask a pressing question: “How’d y’all feel about seeing Devon again???” Symoné wrote.

Devon was a fan favorite when That’s So Raven was on TV (a different actor played the role on the original show), so it’s no surprise that fans were really happy to see the character back on the revival.  Take a look at how fans responded below:

Throughout the episode, we find out that Devon got a promotion, but it involves a move to Dallas — all of which is learned as Raven is snooping on her daughter while she is out to  dinner with her father.

While we are all for seeing Devon — and wish he was a series regular — Devon’s appearances might be few and far between because of his new job. That being said fans are currently obsessed with the That’s So Raven actor reappearing and we can totally see why.

Raven’s Home airs on Fridays at 8 p.m. on Disney Channel.

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