‘The Big Bang Theory’ Boss Sparks Speculation Sitcom Will End With Season 12

(Photo: Michael Yarish/Warner Bros.)
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The Big Bang Theory has been going strong for nearly 10 years, but could the end be in sight for the hit sitcom despite its popularity?

Series co-creator Chuck Lorre made some pretty interesting remarks at the 2017 Summer TCA press tour, revealing that no one involved with the series ever thought they’d be on air as long as they have been.

“We never really figured to be at year 11, let alone what’s going to happen after 12. One could easily presume that would be the end of the series but I’m just amazed we’re here,” said Lorre at the event according to The Hollywood Reporter.

While Lorre’s most recent comments might set off warning bells in the minds of fans, we shouldn’t be too quick to panic.

When People’s Choice caught up with Lorre during PaleyFest in March 2016, the showrunner said the cast and crew is here to stay as long as fans are still interested.

“Apparently they still care, we’re still having a great time making the show,” Lorre told People’s Choice back in 2016. “I don’t see a reason to put a [timeline] on it.”

Mayim Bialik,who plays Amy Farrah Fowler, echoed Lorre’s sentiments when we caught up with her at the same event.

“I’m happy to be here as long as people will have me,” Bialik told People’s Choice. “Everyone has other things they do, and movie careers, and lives and I’m grateful to be working with these people. As long as people want to have us, we’re here.”



Somehow, we don’t think fans’ infatuation with the likes of Sheldon (Jim Parsons), Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Penny (Kaley Cuoco), and more, will be dwindling any time soon. (Not to mention, with The Big Bang Theory spinoff Young Sheldon set to debut this fall, there’s even more reason to keep the original going strong.)

The series, which has been on air for over a decade, still ranks as TV’s most-watched comedy in adults 18-49. With that in mind, we’re hoping the cast and crew still have it in them to entertain us with new seasons of the series for just a bit longer!

The Big Bang Theory season 12 premieres on September 25 on CBS. 

Update: A previous version of this story stated The Big Bang Theory has been on the air for 12 years. It has actually been on for only 10. The story has been corrected.

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