A ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Revival Could Be Here Soon

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)
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When it comes to fandoms, Pretty Little Liars definitely has some of the most dedicated ones. The series’ viewers are so dedicated in fact, that they are always on Twitter asking PLL creator I. Marlene King about any, and all, possible revivals — and we fully support their efforts.

We know that Pretty Little Liars only ended about a month ago, but like every PLL fan out there, we’re very much ready for the show to return in some form. And based on a recent Twitter Q&A King had with fans, we might be getting our wish.

After a fan asked King whether she had any new shows on the way, the showrunner hinted that not only does she have a project in the works — but it might be here soon.


“Hope to give you news soon,” King replied to the fan asking if there were “any new shows on the way??” Clearly, this fan knows that we need answers and is willing to ask questions until they get results!

While King didn’t reveal whether or not she was talking about a Pretty Little Liars revival, spinoff, or another show altogether, she did recently tease on Twitter that she hopes there will be “some type of future for some characters,” so another PLL venture seems like a very likely situation…and we could not be more excited about it!

Either way, we’re just happy that more TV goodness is on its way from the executive producer and brilliant mind behind the Rosewood-set series, as well as Freeform’s Famous in Love. She always delivers!

What would you like to see from a Pretty Little Liars revival? Would you tune in for a character spinoff series?

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