Raven-Symoné Reveals Big ‘Raven’s Home’ Secret Everyone Missed

(Disney Channel/Adam Rose)
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Raven’s Home is full of surprises and laughs around every turn, but there is something even the most eagle-eyed viewers of the show probably missed: Raven-Symoné’s home-made decorations!

Almost a year after leaving The View, Symoné, who has reprised her role as Raven Baxter on the That’s So Raven spinoff, returned for an interview this week in New York City to talk all about her new show. In the process, the actress opened up about some artwork scattered throughout the show with a special secret significance.

Thanks to her new degree in fine arts, Symoné, who is also the executive producer of Raven’s Home has filled the house (on set) with “Secret Ravens” and it’s awesome.

“I got my AA, finally. I got my AA in fine arts,” Symoné told her former co-hosts on The View. “I have to tell you, you’ve [pointing to Whoopi Goldberg] received multiple presents, other people from the show have received presents, but you know what’s super fun? Do you guys know what secret Mickeys are?”

The actress then went on to explain that “secret Mickeys” are pictures of Mickey Mouse or objects with Mickey that are places throughout the Disney theme parks for park-goers to find as they enjoy their day. They are also in the Disney movies, which is how Symoné came up with the idea of her own “secret Ravens.”

“I have paintings that I painted inside of Raven’s home,” she explained. “And you’re going to have to figure out which ones are mine because my art is in my show and I’m so happy about it.”

We love this idea and now we need to re-watch the first few episodes to see if we can spot any of Symoné’s Raven paintings around the house!

Raven’s Home airs on Fridays at 8 p.m. on Disney Channel.

(H/T Just Jared)

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