Chris Pine Is So Ready For ‘Princess Diaries 3′

(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)
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There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the possibility of Princess Diaries 3 lately.

As excited as we were to hear from author Meg Cabot that a script for a third film exists, the one question on every fans’ mind seems to be which of the cast members would be down to return for another go.

While Disney hasn’t given Princess Diaries 3 the green light, one actor fans are hoping to see return if a third film gets made is none other than Chris Pine.

The Star Trek actor played Mia’s (Anne Hathaway) love interest, Lord Nicholas Devereaux, in 2004’s Princess Diaries 2, and it sounds like Pine would very much be interested in reprising his role.

Back in 2016, Pine participated in a fan Q&A with Entertainment Weekly, where one fan got him to weigh in on whether or not he’d be interested in a third installment of the Princess Diaries. Replying to a fan who asked whether Pine wishes for a third installment as much as they do, the actor replied, “Have you been reading my diary???”

Pine isn’t the only actor who’s shown interest in reprising his role. Just last year, Queen Clarisse herself, Julie Andrews, told Buzzfeed that Anne Hathaway had a great idea for a third film.

For her part, Andrews said she was “all for it.”

It’s great to hear that so many of our favorite Princess Diaries alums are interested in potentially continuing the series. Now all we need is for Disney to make all of our dreams come true and give the movie the green light!

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