‘Quantico’ Boss Confirms Priyanka Chopra Drama Is Being Redesigned In Season 3

(Photo Credit: ABC/Giovanni Rufino)
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Changes are in store on ABC’s Quantico as the popular action drama gears up to return for season 3!

Over the past two seasons, fans have watched in rapture as Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) attempted to get to the bottom of who was the mastermind behind the tragic New York City bombing. Now, it seems as though Quantico could be veering away from the initial timeline we fell in love with.

Michael Seitzman, who’s taking over showrunner duties from creator Josh Safran, recently received a tweet from a fan saying she was excited to hear actress Marlee Matlin had joined the cast of Quantico season 3.

“I’ve never watched, but I love Marlee & watch everything she’s in, so I have to catch up so I know what’s going on,” wrote Twitter user Amanda.

From there, Seitzman responded, teasing that she might not need to marathon the first two seasons if she doesn’t have time to do so.

“You can go back and watch #QuanticoTV S1-2, but we’re also designing S3 so you won’t be lost at all if you start right here,” tweeted the showrunner in response.

While it’s interesting to hear that season 3 might serve as a fresh start for the series, Quantico is no stranger to switching things up. In season 2, the series threw fans for a loop when they initiated a time-jump instead of keeping with the flashback format that helped tell the story in season 1.

Though the cast and crew has been keeping tight lipped with regards to what’s to come this season, one thing we do know is that there’ll be one familiar face missing amongst the cast.

Back in June, we learned that actress Yasmine Al Massri, who plays twin FBI recruits Nimah and Raina, won’t be returning for season 3.

“The show will have a major reboot 4 third season & I moved back 2 LA which would make it difficult 4 me to be far from Liam for too long,” wrote Massri via Twitter in explanation to heartbroken fans.

As sad as we’ll be to see some of our original favorites go, we’re still excited to know what’s in store for Alex Parrish when Quantico returns!

Quantico season 3 premieres on ABC in 2018. For the latest pop culture news and voting, make sure to sign up for the People’s Choice newsletter

For the latest pop culture news and voting, make sure to sign up for the People’s Choice newsletter!