Charlie Puth On Touring With Shawn Mendes: ‘The Screams Are Insane’

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Charlie Puth and Shawn Mendes are two of the hottest acts in the music world right now, so what happens when they go on tour together? Insanity, that’s what!

Although Puth is technically the opener for Mendes, who is currently about halfway through his Illuminate world tour, he told The Tennessean that he feels like they are co-headlining based on how many songs he gets to sing and the reception from the fans.

“We’re jumping right to arenas. The screams are insane: 120 decibels and above. Out of control,” Puth told The Tennessean, which is a part of the USA Today network, about his wild ride with Mendes. “Everybody seems to be really excited when I come out on stage, from the get-go. They’re screaming like I’m the headliner. I feel like I’m an opener, but I’m cheating, because I’m playing six hits.”

Mendes might be killing the game right now, having landed a performing spot at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, but Puth feels like the real winner when they’re on tour.

“It’s not technically even my show, but it almost feels like a co-headline,” Puth explained before adding that while stopping in Houston recently he saw a group of fans, “chasing my bus like I was the headliner.”

Sounds like a dream come true, right?

Even with all the “insane” screams from fans and playing big arenas, Puth has found time to work on his own solo record, which he’s titled, Voice Notes, and play in the sand. You have to stay grounded after all.

“I was digging a hole on a beach yesterday with Shawn Mendes, and I started thinking of a song,” Puth said. “I think he thought I was a crazy person, because I just started humming. I was in my happy place.”

Watching Puth open for Mendes is currently our happy place, but singing in the sand, isn’t a bad alternative!

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