Niall Horan Chooses Louis Tomlinson’s New Single Over Other One Direction Solo Tracks

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When it comes to supporting each other, it’s clear that the boys of One Direction have each other’s back!

Niall Horan recently swung by the Cool Live radio station where he talked about the infectiously catchy solo singles the other 1D boys have out right now.

Though Niall has shown love for all of his bandmates’ solo material in the past, there’s one single he couldn’t help but highlight when the Cool Live hosts asked him to choose between Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times,” Liam Payne’s “Strip That Down,” and Louis Tomlinson’s “Just Hold On.”

Instead of choosing one of the three tracks suggested to him, Horan revealed that like the rest of us, he’s digging Tomlinson’s collab with Bebe Rexha, “Back to You.”

“I really love Louis’ new one,” said Horan. “It’s very, very good. It’s gonna be a big hit I think.”

Horan isn’t far off the mark with his prediction. In fact, Tomlinson’s “Back to You” has already dominated the Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks chart. According to Billboard, “Back to You” hit No. 1 on that specific chart toward the end of July.

Tomlinson’s first No. 1 single held an extra special significance for One Direction as a whole because it means that each member of the boy band has charted at No. 1 with a solo single.

Given that Louis Tomlinson’s newest single has already cracked the social charts, we won’t be surprised if Niall Horan is right and “Back to You” works its way up in the Hot 100 Chart as well!

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