BTS’ Mysterious ‘Love Yourself’ Series Leaves Fans With One Big Question

(Photo Courtesy: BTS/Twitter)
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BTS has some big news for fans who’ve been patiently — well, maybe impatiently is more accurate — waiting to hear new music from the boy band since May!

On Friday (Aug. 11), the K-Pop band announced via a press release that they will be unveiling new music come September. While news about fresh tracks is very exciting to hear, what’s even more thrilling is the fact that the group teased their new musical concept on Twitter with a series of photos that look like real movie posters.

The first image to be released has us asking a LOT of questions, however, and we’re sure you will be to. It’s of the band’s youngest member, Jungkook, and features the words (written in Korean), “The day when you want to run towards where your heart is headed,” above his head.

Oh, did we forget to mention that Jungkook is in a wheelchair? Yes, and that’s our main question. In addition to the fact that we really want to know if this movie-style poster is a tease for more than just music — like, could there be a future music video coming out that feels like a movie a la Selena Gomez’s “Bad Liar”? — we need to know why he’s in a wheelchair!

According to Bighit Entertainment, “The poster is really a teaser for the concept of the ‘Love Yourself’ series which is filled with clues as to what is to come next. BTS is always wanting to keep their fans guessing and excited as the concept is rolled out.”

If the goal is to keep fans guessing, then the boy band has definitely succeeded with this poster. To check out the rest of the group’s solo movie-style posters, click here.

PS: BTS will release its first new single come September 2017, but they won’t stop there. According to Bighit Entertainment, the group will continue to release new music through 2018 as a part of this fresh “Love Yourself” series, so brace yourselves!

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