Louis Tomlinson Reveals What Made One Direction So ‘Endearing’

(Photo by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images)
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One Direction might be on a break, but their legacy is definitely set in stone as one of the greatest boy bands ever, and Louis Tomlinson is proud of it all — as he should be.

During an interview with Highsnobiety, Tomlinson opened up about his upcoming album, which unfortunately doesn’t have a release date yet, and reflected on his past with the iconic boy band. When asked about his thoughts on One Direction’s legacy, Tomlinson revealed that he’s still taken aback by the impact the group has had — thanks, of course, to the support of their fans.

“I do think about it, and I’m still blown away by what we achieved. But also what the fans helped us achieve in such a short space of time,” Tomlinson told Highsnobiety about One Direction’s legacy.

The “Back To You” singer revealed that it was the lads, including members Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik, and their ability to be honest, that led to the group’s ultimate success.

“From day one we tried to be very honest and not take ourselves too seriously. I think we demonstrated that as a band you don’t have to do everything by the book and hopefully, to a certain degree, that takes away some of the pressure for new artists,” he explained. “That was what was endearing about 1D, especially as we were surrounded by an industry full of ‘perfect’ model people.”

One Direction was definitely honest and not too serious (in fact, they could be SO goofy sometimes), and we loved every minute of it. Here’s hoping these frequent trips down memory lane result in a 1D reunion sooner rather than later.

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