‘Chicago Fire’ Boss Teases Possibility Of Another Major Crossover Event

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The Chicago TV universe is all about the crossovers, and it looks like another epic collaborative event could be on the horizon.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Chicago Fire co-creator and showrunner Derek Haas revealed that — while nothing is currently in the works — he wouldn’t be surprised if another massive two or three-way crossover event bringing together the worlds of Chicago FireChicago P.D. and Chicago Med takes place in 2018.

“Because we’re only doing six [episodes] right off the bat and Med’s not on during that time, we were kind of trying to figure out where is the right spot to do it so I think not until the spring,” Haas told The Hollywood Reporter about the next crossover opportunity. “Trust me when I say Dick Wolf loves the crossovers and inevitably that call’s coming.”

If the crossover event does happen during season six of Fire, it will take a little more juggling now that the NBC drama has moved to Thursdays and both Chicago Med and Chicago P.D. won’t be on the same night anymore.

“The other thing is we’re in new spots this year in terms of how that storytelling would flow,” he continued. “Fire’s a great way to kick off a crossover because naturally you go from a big accident to the hospital to the police figuring it out, which has served us well in the past.”

Although a full Chicago crossover isn’t on the books just yet, don’t rule it out. In the meantime, keep an eye out for a few favorites from the other Chicago shows to be intertwined within the Fire world this fall!

Added Haas: “We’ll have some P.D. [stars] showing up on Fire, but not a big major crossover until the new year.”

Chicago Fire returns for its sixth season on September 28, 2017 on NBC. 

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