‘Quantico’ Season 3 Welcoming Back Major Character

(Photo Courtesy: ABC/Giovanni Rufino)
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Quantico has been undergoing some major shakeups ever ahead of its season 3 return to ABC, but the latest is sure to please fans of the Priyanka Chopra-led drama. While the show is bidding farewell to some fan favorite characters ahead of the new season, it will also be welcoming back at least one original player back into the fold.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Russell Tovey will be reprising his role as Harry Doyle on Quantico come season three. Yes, Tovey, who was last seen in season two (and left abruptly) will be back, and fans should be really excited.

The last time we saw Tovey’s character was during a season two episode when he had a gun held to his head. We never found out what exactly happened in that moment — or after it — but with Tovey returning to the drama, we’re hoping we finally get our answer.

Tovey reprising his role as the wannabee CIA agent, who was also an undercover British Intelligence operative, is just the latest in a slew of casting switch-ups from the drama. In addition to Tovey’s return, Switched at Birth alum, Marlee Matlin will be joining the cast as an ex-FBI agent named Jocelyn Turner, who will be coming to the team after being in an accident and losing her hearing (Matlin is deaf herself) in an explosion.

If that’s not enough of a change for season three, Quantico will be losing two original characters, including Yasmine Al Massri (who played twins, Nimah and Raina) and Pearl Thusi (who played Dayana Mapasi).

Which casting addition or switch are you most excited to see play out on screen next season?

Quantico is set to return for its third season come to 2018 on ABC.

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