Here’s What BTS’ Latest ‘Love Yourself’ Teaser Really Means

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The past two weeks have been filled with all-things BTS, and fans aren’t complaining. After the band revealed the movie-style posters for their new “Love Yourself” series, there has been a lot of speculation about what message the K-Pop group might be trying to convey with their upcoming music.

With the addition of the two highlight reels from the series being unveiled this week, fans can’t help but try and mine for clues to figure out how the many pieces of the “Love Yourself” puzzle will ultimately fit together. Now, thanks to an official description by BigHit Entertainment, we finally know what the second teaser video for the band’s upcoming music actually signifies — and it’s pretty heartbreaking.

According to a press release by BigHit Entertainment, the latest highlight reel — which is comprised of snapshots of the group together and apart, including Rap Monster sitting on a railroad track and Suga looking stressed — “describes the story about the boys pretending themselves because of their lack of confidence in being loved, and showing their emotions.”

In other words, although romantic love is definitely a part of the “Love Yourself” series, the overall meaning is more about the boys showing their insecurities and exploring all kinds of love. Take J-Hope’s scene when he is abandoned by his mom at the carousal for example, it might not be romantic love, but those feelings of love and loss are just as powerful. This further proves the point that love (whether it pertains to friends or family) and the anxiety that comes with it is a key element of BTS’ new series.

In other words, the emotional rollercoaster we’ve been on with BTS is really just beginning!



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