‘The Big Bang Theory’ Star Posts Emotional Message About Season 11 Return

(Photo Courtesy: Michael Yarish/Warner Bros.)
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The Big Bang Theory has kicked off its 11th season of filming, and the cast couldn’t be happier to be back on set.

After returning to work this week — and posting teasers of the premiere episode script last week — Mayim Bialik wrote the sweetest message about what her TBBT family means to her, and now we’re even more excited about the upcoming season of the CBS sitcom.

“Being back with the cast is wonderful. It’s like coming back to your sophomore year of high school but your school is only eight people and you all like being together and missed each other,” Bialik wrote on her website, Groknation, on Wednesday (Aug. 16).

Bialik, who plays Amy Farrah Fowler on the CBS comedy, broke down what the first week back at work has been like for her, and revealed that hanging out on the set with her castmates — including Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kunal Nayyar, Simon Helberg, Melissa Rauch, and Kevin Sussman — is just part of the beauty of being on TBBT.

“We catch up just like people who haven’t seen each other for months do. We do it in between scenes and during lunch breaks,” she wrote. “This is my job. And I missed it: the regularity of the schedule TBBT provides me, knowing where I am most days of the week most months of the year for most hours of the day. Without TBBT, I don’t get to the market regularly, I don’t have a predictable schedule for my kids to keep track of, and I basically run around like a chicken with my head cut off.”

In honor of the show’s upcoming season, Bialik added an even more touching sentiment to her post, and it’ll make you want to visit the set right away.

“And so as we start Season 11, there is so much more to be grateful for than ‘just’ more episodes for all of you — although that it something we are very excited to provide! For me, TBBT is my place of work, the source of my friendships and the place I go to connect with people who share so much in common with me because of our unique job,” she said. “I am thrilled to be back at work working hard to make you all laugh.”

We are SO thrilled to have Bialik back on our TV screens, and we can’t wait to see what laughs she has in store for us.

The Big Bang Theory returns for season 11 on September 25, 2017 on CBS.

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