Taylor Swift’s Shocking Social Media Blackout Sparks Album Speculation Frenzy

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Have you been impatiently waiting for Taylor Swift to release new music? Well, you might be getting your wish.

The last time Swift released a new album was back in 2014 when she unveiled the Grammy-winning 1989. It’s safe to say that after three years without a new record from the artist, fans are ready for more, and based on what’s happening with Swift’s social media accounts right now, she might be making a big announcement soon.

So what has Swift been doing that has everyone talking about a new album? Well, for starters, she totally shocked fans by deleting her profile picture from every social media platform where she has a public account.

In addition to removing her profile image on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram the “Bad Blood” singer has blacked out her official website — literally. What could this mean? Has she been hacked? We need answers.

Assuming Swift’s accounts weren’t hacked, the most interesting part of the social media blackout is that all of Swift’s pictures are also gone. On Instagram for example, Swift has removed everything. There isn’t a single photo on her page.

As for Twitter (and Facebook), Swift has deleted everything from the end of her 1989 Tour in 2015 until now.

Although Swift hasn’t explained the recent social media changes, everyone is speculating that it could mean the pop star is getting ready to release a new album. After all, what better way to kick off a new chapter in her career than by getting rid of all the old remnants?

While Swift going dark is certainly a very curious choice, we’re hoping it means that she is in fact going to return to social media with good news…and new music!

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