Which BTS ‘Love Yourself’ Storyline Is The Most Intriguing So Far? VOTE!

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If you’re a BTS fan, August has definitely been your month. The K-Pop band has been everywhere, and we’re totally okay with it.

Over the past few weeks, BTS has released a LOT of new teasers in regards to their upcoming “Love Yourself” series. There have been posters, and highlight videos hinting at what’s to come when the band’s next song hits next month. While we know it’s still early — and there’s still plenty to decode – we’re checking in to see which BTS storyline you’re most intrigued by so far.

We know what you’re thinking, how can you pick only one? While we also love all of the BTS boys equally, and all of their teaser stories have been very interesting, some storylines are proving to be more cryptic and harder to decipher than others.

Whether you’ve been thinking about why J-Hope was abandoned by his mom at a carousal in the first highlight video teaser all week long, or are curious about the fact that Jungkook is sitting in a wheelchair in his poster (why a wheelchair? We can’t figure it out!), there is one storyline that has to be eating at you, and we don’t blame you.

The BTS boys have been toying with our emotions from the moment they released their movie-like posters, each of which featured a quote about their feelings on love, and the highlight videos have heightened our need to know more.

Take the story tease with V painting graffiti and getting chased by the police for example. Why is he painting a bus stop? What will happen now that the cops have caught up with him? We need to know.



You might be more intrigued by the fact that Jungkook is at the hospital. How did he end up there and why is he using a crutch?

We love BTS as much as you do, but if we’re being honest, these narratives are SO intense and mysterious that waiting until September to find out what they really mean is so hard on us. So, in the meantime we’ve created this poll to find out which storyline teaser is most interesting and intriguing for you. Sound off with your answers below!

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