Louis Tomlinson Hints Solo Tour Will Happen

(Photo by Francois G. Durand/Getty Images)
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Louis Tomlinson might have been the last member of One Direction to reveal that he was working on a solo album, but when it comes to the immediate future, the singer isn’t holding back on his plans.

During an “MTV Asks” interview with MTV News International this week, Tomlinson answered fan questions — hence the name of the MTV segment — about his career and time in One Direction. The question (and subsequent answer) that caught our attention, however, had to do with what the “Back to You” singer is thinking about doing next. While Tomlinson has previously hinted he’d be open to acting, right now, his “future plans” are all about the music — specifically his upcoming solo album…and maybe tour?!

“The most important thing to me is that the album is received well,” Tomlinson told MTV Asks when asked a fan question about what he plans to do in the future. “Not by critics, or anyone like that, none of that. Just that it’s received well by the fans, and the people that really care.”

The British singer — who previously teased a song on his debut album dedicated to his loyal followers — said that when the record finally arrives, he again wants his fans to know how important they are to him.

“It’s very apparent to me of how important they are to everything. As much as I can reinforce that as possible, it’s really important,” the singer continued. “We all do this together, and they are also the reason why I’m confident enough to do something like this on my own.”

Even better than a shout out to his fans, is the fact that Tomlinson didn’t rule out a tour once his album is out there and the reviews are in.

“Ya, I reckon at some point,” Tomlinson said when asked if he would do a future tour. “At some point, ya, it’s too hard to say when, but at some point.”



Now all we need to know is when this debut album is officially coming out so we can start our countdown to Tomlinson’s tunes ASAP!

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