Sabrina Carpenter Is ‘So Sorry’ After Concert Gets Cut Short

(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)
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When it comes to her fans, Sabrina Carpenter is fully committed to making her admirers happy, so when something goes wrong at one of her concerts, she feels their pain.

On Saturday (Aug. 19), the “Why” singer had an unexpected weather issue at her Hersheypark concert in Hershey, Pa., and as a result she had to leave mid show. Her fans, however, weren’t the only ones heartbroken by this quick change of plans.

“Hershey I’m heartbroken💔With this weather its not safe to be around all that equipment. It isn’t fair to you. Plz stay safe and go inside,” Carpenter tweeted after a major storm threatened everyone’s safety at the show.

Sadly, when the former Disney Channel star left the stage, she thought she would be coming back out, but that didn’t end up being the case.

“Didn’t know it was the end of show. thought it was a break. weather too severe. i’m so so so sorry ♡ i love you I’ll be back I promise,” she added.


Some fans weren’t happy with this, and asked why other people on the tour didn’t cut their sets so that she had more time to perform, and of course, Carpenter was quick to defend everyone, which is why we love her so much.

Clearly, the Pennsylvania native felt terrible (especially since it was so close to her hometown) that she left her fans without being able to perform her whole set, but the weather conditions were simply out of her control and not safe for anyone, especially those up on stage. Fingers crossed her fans get to see her another time, and for an entire show!

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