‘Hannah Montana’ Star Makes Surprising Confession About Final Line Of Series

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Hannah Montana ended six years ago, but fans are still not over the Miley Cyrus-led series. In fact, one fan’s recent reminiscing about the series finale has led to a BIG revelation about the final scene of the show.

On Monday (Aug. 22), a fan posted a video of the final scene of Hannah Montana, and they couldn’t help but point out how brilliant the last words were. For anyone who may have forgotten how the series closed back in 2011, Cyrus’ character Miley Stewart didn’t have the last word in the finale. Instead, it was Emily Osment’s character, Lilly Truscott, who said the very last phrase — but it wasn’t supposed to be that way.

Responding to the fan’s tweet about the episode, Osment chimed in to confess that she was the reason Lilly ended up with the final line of the series.

“I ad libbed that so I could have the last line of the whole series 😏🤙🏼,” Osment wrote on Twitter after seeing the video online. The confession definitely comes as a surprise to fans of the Disney Channel series!

In the episode, Miley arrives at Lilly’s dorm room and reveals she is ready to be her roommate and go to college together. As pointed out by Seventeen, the series was supposed to end with Miley saying, “I love you so much,” while hugging Lilly in her college dorm room. Osment had another idea, however. The actress waited for Cyrus to say her line and then in Lilly’s iconic excited voice Osment said, “I know!”

The ending is actually perfect because it sums up the friendship between Miley (aka Hannah Montana) and Lilly, and how it was so obvious that they had and would always care for each other.

Frankly, we couldn’t imagine it any other way.

(H/T Seventeen)

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