Louis Tomlinson Calls Out One Direction Bandmate Niall Horan Over Embarrassing Moment

(Photos: Getty Images)
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Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan’s Twitter banter is definitely friendship goals.

Over the years, all of the guys from One Direction have made us laugh with their inside jokes, pranks, and screw-ups — including one that Horan apparently still can’t live down. Thanks to Tomlinson it has been brought back to our attention, and we can’t stop laughing.

After a 1D fan tweeted at Tomlinson asking him to “tell me something funny,” the “Back To You” singer gave a shout out to a hilarious and totally embarrassing moment experienced by his Irish friend.

“As you’re a big Niall fan I suggest you rewatch the basketball vid,” Tomlinson replied on Saturday (Aug. 19) to the fan, whose handle features Niall’s name.

Although the singer didn’t link to the video, we’re pretty sure he was referring to when Horan tried to shoot a basketball into the hoop and instead hit himself in the face and knocked his sunglasses back. (Click here to see it in gif form).

Since he didn’t actually get hurt, we’re giving ourselves permission to tease Horan for it, too!


Although Tomlinson called out one of Horan’s most embarrassing moments on social media, it was all in good fun, and we just love that these two are still friends. Maybe, Horan will reveal one of Tomlinson’s most embarrassing moments with 1D fans soon, and the laughs will keep coming!

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