‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Boss Teases ‘Fantastic’ Season 9 Premiere

(Photo Courtesy: Cliff Lipson/CBS)
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If you weren’t excited for NCIS: Los Angeles’ fall return, then you haven’t been following the show’s executive producer and his behind-the-scenes coverage, because, based on his teases, this season is going to be epic.

Over the past month, executive producer  and season 9 episode 1 director, John Peter Kousakis, has been dropping all sorts of scoops from set. His latest tweet about the upcoming season of the CBS drama promises a great premiere, and we believe him.

“Today’s playground! Watch for it. 10/01/17 E901 is going to be one fantastic premiere! #StayTuned #wontdisappoint,” Kousakis tweeted on Monday (Aug. 21).

The spoilery picture with his tweet let’s us know one big thing: the season 9 premiere is going to be filled with exciting sequences. Between the splash in the corner, the ladder inside the pool, plus tons of additional equipment, it’s clear that there’s some sort of action-packed water scene being filmed.

We know that the show — which stars Chris O’Donnell, LL Cool J, Eric Christian Olsen, and Daniel Ruah — is technically all about water, with the whole Naval Criminal Investigation Service being part of its name, but there has been so much hype around water scenes in the upcoming season from the creators and cast, that we’re thinking it’s going to be a particularly big part of the premiere.



The NCIS: LA social media team previously shared pictures of one of the shoot days out in Long Beach, and it again featured a ton of water. There was a boating video, a snap of Kousakis getting into his directing mode on the rocks along the water, and a scenic water snap. Those images paired with this pool photo prove that water is key in this premiere and action will surely follow.

What do you think this new tease means?

NCIS: Los Angeles returns for season 9 on October 1, 2017 on CBS.

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