BTS’ New ‘Her’ Album Will Have Big Surprise For Fans

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The BTS news just keeps getting bigger and better.

On Tuesday (Aug. 22), BTS officially announced that the band’s new album, Her, from the Love Yourself series, will be dropping on September 18, 2017, and now we have even more exciting news about the release! Not only are fans getting new music with Her, they’re also getting a big surprise!

So what’s the big surprise? Well, it all has to do with Rap Monster. According to Big Hit Entertainment (and the band) there will be a “hidden” track that was written and produced by Rap Monster on the album! Seriously, this is almost too much great news to handle.

While fans of BTS have been aware that the K-Pop group was about to release new music for a few weeks now, knowing the exact date and that there is a special song on the album is BIG news. Plus, for fans in the United States, Her is only the second album that will be dropping here.

Her will mark the fifth studio album total for BTS, but it will be the second record for the U.S. market (the first being Wings in 2016 and 2017 — it was a two-part release). Their first studio album was called Dark & Wild and was released in 2014, and although they’ve been evolving with their sound, their style in releasing music hasn’t really changed.

In fact, the Love Yourself series is just another step in the band’s journey through music. This time around it’s clear that the men are dealing with all of the emotions that come with love. They’ve even released a clip of a Justin Bieber cover, and everyone knows that Bieber is all about the love when it comes to his songs.

Now that we have an official release date and a tease of what’s going to be on the album, we suggest you begin your countdown. You can pre-order Her this Friday, and until then you can re-watch all of the Love Yourself series highlight videos!

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