Louis Tomlinson Fans Lose It After One Direction Singer Drops Surprise Song Tease

(Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images)
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Louis Tomlinson isn’t quite ready to share his album with the world yet, but that hasn’t stopped the former One Direction member from giving his loyal fans a little tease of what’s to come!

Tomlinson sent fans into a frenzy on Wednesday (August 24) when he took to Twitter to tease that he had decided to share a little sneak peek of an unreleased track off his upcoming solo album.

“Just listening to the album on my way home so thought you deserved a little exclusive,” tweeted Tomlinson.

It didn’t take long for eagle-eyed fans to realize that if they hopped over to the “Back To You” singer’s Instagram to check out his stories, they’d get about 14-seconds of new audio.

A few hours later, Tomlinson also gave us a bit of insight into the new song, revealing that he’d penned it toward the beginning of this year.

“P.s wrote that song like 6 months ago,” tweeted Tomlinson.

It’s hard to make out the lyrics from the small clip the singer posted, but what does shine through is a sweet, sweeping guitar melody. The overall feel of the song is quite different from Tomlinson’s previous singles, but it’s safe to say his adoring fans are loving it!

Some fans even wondered whether the the song could be Tomlinson’s next single, but the singer seemed to be on the fence about that.

“nah don’t think so. Maybe though,” Tomlinson wrote about whether the track will be released as a single.

Check out some of our favorite reactions to Louis Tomlinson’s track tease below!

While many fans were just excited to get a glimpse of a new song, others couldn’t get over the fact that Tomlinson just happened to be casually listening to his own album.

“Just leak it already!” tweeted one fan in reference to the singer’s forthcoming solo record.

Tomlinson hasn’t verified a release date for his solo album just yet, but he’s stated in the past that he’s hoping to release by the end of this coming year.

Though there’s no telling whether or not the album is ready to make its way to the masses, we’re hoping it’s a good sign that Tomlinson is testing out the way it sounds while driving hope.

Here’s hoping his latest tweet means the album is almost ready to be released!

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