‘One Tree Hill’ Alum Is On Board With This Revival Idea

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Revivals and reboots are all the rage these days, and if there’s one show we’re still hoping to see brought back to life it’s the classic teen drama, One Tree Hill.

In the past, original stars including Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott), Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis), and Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer), have all weighed in on whether an OTH revival should happen — with most agreeing that more time needs to pass before revisiting the Tree Hill Ravens. That being said, there’s one former cast member who would be all for bringing the show back now, and its none other than Jackson Brundage.

OTH fans fell in love with Brundage, who played James Lafferty (Nathan Scott) and Bethany Joy Lenz’s (Haley James Scott) adorable TV son, Jamie, from 2008 to 2012. Brundage, like his on screen character, is all grown up, and seems to agree with the idea that the time could be right to see what an older Jamie Scott could be up to these days.

Recently, Brundage sent One Tree Hill fans into a frenzy when he retweeted a fan who pointed out that now would be the perfect time to reboot the Mark Schwahn-created series and center it around Jamie’s years in high school.

“Jamie Scott aka @therealjacksonb is 16 aka high school aged…Mark Schwahn please don’t sleep on this opportunity for an OTH reboot,” read the tweet by fan with the username Caroline Patton, which Brundage later retweeted.

It seems like Brundage even has a bit of an idea as to what a teenage Jamie might be like.

When one fan joked that perhaps the actor might be too short to follow in his dad and uncle’s footsteps on the court, Brundage replied with the high school clique he thinks Jamie would belong to.

“Yeah Jamie realized he would never play basketball but then figured out he is a prodigy on the drums,” tweeted Brundage.

A prodigy on the drums? Sounds like Jamie totally takes after his mom when it comes to being a talented musician!

Though nothing has been confirmed with regards to a One Tree Hill revival, creator Mark Schwahn recently gave fans hope when he said he’d be interested in moving forward with a movie reunion on one condition.

“If the cast is willing to, I will absolutely do it. I love the cast and the characters. I don’t know if we will all be at the same place and same time, but I wouldn’t be the one saying no,” said Schwahn during an interview with IANS earlier this week.

Getting everyone on board wouldn’t be easy— especially since much of the cast is tied up with other projects. That being said, we’re still hoping a One Tree Hill reunion movie is something we’ll get to see somewhere down the line!

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