The Vamps Reveals Next Big Dream As A Band

(Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage)
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The singers behind the The Vamps have conquered a number of major career milestones, but there is still one big thing they hope to accomplish soon.

On Monday (Aug. 28), The Vamps — which is made up of members Bradley Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans — spent the morning chatting with Universal Music Canada about their latest album, and what they hope to do next.

The one thing all four members could agree upon was what their next big dream as a band is, and as fans, we are totally on board with their response.

“Having a number one song,” McVey told Universal Music Canada during a Facebook Live interview when asked about their next goal.

“Ya, a number one song would be cool,” Simpson added before the rest of the group cosigned the idea.

A number one song would be cool, don’t you think? Considering the band’s third studio album, Night & Day (which is two parts, the “Night” edition and the “Day” edition), has already hit the top of the charts (in fact, its officially the first Vamps album to hit no. 1), it’s only right that one of the catchy tracks off the record follows suit.

Now, with the boy band set to release a new single with Matoma called “Staying Up”  this Friday (Sept. 1), there is a big chance — and possible likelihood — that The Vamps will be hitting the top spot on the singles charts sooner rather than later.

Which of The Vamps songs do you think could be their first single to hit number one?

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